ENGLISH VERSION - The Truth of Oshe Meyi

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Sinopsis ¨The Truth of Oshe Meyi¨

The present book ¨The Truth of Oshe Meyi¨, is a manual full of references that reveal the superstitious myths around this odun. Where you will find real life experiences and opinions from religious figures Oriatéces and Babalawos around their experience with Oshe Meyi. A testament that exemplifies the truth around the lies and exposes the real essence and transparency of this Odun. A book that compiles the most pellucid and reliable scriptures from this Odun 5-5, from its beginnings in Africa to Cuba.
This book teaches and will educate the reader on vocabulary, history, myths, sayings, births, prayers, songs, testimonies, provenance, works, ebos, lineages and much more of this controversial odun. We cover everything that surrounds this beautiful mysterious side of the Dilogún divination 5-5, exposing the true truth about this Odun. Why is Oshe Meyi the most controversial Odùn? Are you able to give birth an Orisa or Initiate someone? Some speculate to know what they say, and others murmur to say what they know. But the deep, anthropological, historical, ethnological, and physiological study; few are willing to research. This is the perfect book tailored to the needs of all religious priest´s in these times, a literature that unmasks 60 years of fiction.
A book in which the author Obà Oriaté David Alá Aggayú, promises to reach and impact hearts, lives, and minds, perfecting the reader's knowledge. A masterpiece that explores the significance of the historical study of the incomparable art of the Dilogún divination system and its perception of Oshe Meyi. Be sure this book promises to be the best acquisition of your life.

Obà Oriaté David Alá Aggayú