ENGLISH VERSION - The Secret Of The Spirits The Complete Guide To Make A Bond With Your Ancestors

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This comprehensive book provides a detailed, step-by-step of how to engage directly with the spirits, represent, and serve your Ègún and ancestors. It offers a pathway to spiritual stability and success in various aspects of life, including financial, marital, professional, and personal, by fostering a connection with our ancestry lineage.

Whether you are an Aleyo, Olorisa, Spiritism Practitioner, Gangulero/a, Obà Oriaté, or Babalawo, regardless of your level of experience in the religious field, this book serves as a complete, practical, and trustworthy resource for effectively developing all your spirits in what is referred to as "The Ègún Service". This service operates outside and inside our homes. This volume, will provide spiritual independence. The guide is fully loaded with prayers, chants, translations, eboses, works, assembly, foundation, songs, history and much more related to Ègún at all levels of Ifá, Orisa, Spiritism and Palo Mayombe practice.

A significant portion of this exceptional study material is a synthesis of the teachings from the Religious School of Dr. Obà Oriaté David Alá Aggayú. Another part of this encyclopedia, encapsulates the profound knowledge by Dr. David Alá Aggayú over his 15 years of experience in practice, study, and trajectory, both as a high priest and professor of the religion.

Investing a small portion in your spiritual journey and knowledge, will pay the best interest. Make the best decision today with "The Secret Of The Spirits: The Complete Guide To Make A Bond With Your Ancestors". This 338 page extraordinary volume, is your key to unlocking the secrets of spiritual and material success.

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Autor: David Arencibia
Obà Oriaté David Alá Aggayú